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A dental renovation often precedes a whole period. Everyone has their own reason why he or she is not happy with their teeth. Maybe you are afraid of the dentist, have had an accident, have bad teeth due to health reasons or you just want a beautiful smile for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason, new teeth don’t come cheap. Various special agencies offer dental treatments abroad like Dental Turkey, that offer veneers in Turkey for a really cheap price. The treatments are normally cheaper abroad. It often involves expensive treatments such as total revisions, crowns, implants, as well. Even though most of the people choose for veneers in the end.

Why choose for veneers?

Crooked or chipped teeth are a source of annoyance for many people, in addition to discolored teeth. The crooked position of your teeth can seriously affect your other healthy teeth. You are ashamed to laugh out loud, but having your teeth replaced completely is out of the question. Having veneers installed is often a fantastic alternative. It gives you beautiful white and fresh teeth. Veneers are placed on damaged and/or discolored teeth, so aesthetic imperfections are beautifully eliminated. 

The installation of facings take place according to a specific schedule:

  • Determining the correct color. The doctor uses a color swatch to determine the final color of the veneers. The dental laboratory makes the veneers in the correct color.
  • Grinding your tooth. If necessary, a layer is ground off the tooth. This is necessary to prevent your teeth from getting too thick.
  • Shaping the facing. Imprints are always made of the teeth that are treated with veneers. In the dental laboratory, suitable veneers are made on the basis of this shape.
  • Attaching the facing. Before placing the veneers, your teeth are treated with an adhesive layer. You can assess the end result immediately after installing the facings.

Facings are made from porcelain or composite. Depending on your expectations and wishes, the doctor can explain the various options during the consultation. Porcelain veneers generally last longer and hardly discolour over time. However, porcelain is more expensive than composite.

Source: dentalteamturkey.com