Starting a business in the Netherlands

When starting a business in the Netherlands but don’t have all the knowhow yet, you can contact the Dike international company. They can assist you in whatever you need to start your company within 5 working days. You don’t have to travel to the Netherlands, but can open your company from a distance.


Services offered by the Dike international company for new business owners

– opening of the company                                           costs; euro 950,- on time fee

– registered office in the Netherlands                    costs; euro 90,- a month

– assistance with opening a Dutch bank account for your company

– obtaining the required VAT- and EORI number

– overall accountancy- and secretary services.

Also, the Dike company has a strong high quality network, so they can provide you the best notaries, accountants, tax specialists and bank contacts. If you like to know what other services the company has to offer or more information about their attractive all-in prices, please contact Dike international by email, phone or by filling in their online contact form.

Compare forex and CFD brokers

Want to compare forex and CFD brokers? Than we advise you to do this carefully.  There are a lot of forex and CFD brokers. Some of them offer you a free demo-account, to test the platform before trading in real.

How to compare Forex and CFD brokers?

There are a lot factors you’ll want to consider, before you choose a suitable broker:

  • Ignore the discount: discount isn’t always the answer. Instead of looking to the discount, it’s better to choose a full-service broker
  • The availability: to be sure the brokers website is always available, we recommend you to check the brokers website at different times of the day
  • The price: the price gives you a good indication of the service. Don’t open an account with a broker, because they offer you the lowest cost. Mostly the fees for limit orders will be very high
  • Read reviews: read reviews from other clients and you will find out more about a broker
  • The minimum deposit: check what the minimum deposit is for opening an account. Some brokers offer a free demo-account
  • The support: research the support of the broker. Check how you can contact the helpdesk. Most brokers are reachable 24/5 via telephone, e-mail and their website

Compare Forex and CFD brokers, is a good way to find a reliable broker.

Never open an account and trade with an unregulated broker. Reliable brokers are regulated by the FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) or CySEC (Cyprus).