The company “Q-fin” is a specialist on all equipment for the finishing industry. They have a lot of experience in understanding the importance of high quality output in cutting processes and developed the Aluminium deburring machine to help and ease the process.

Quality Finishing

Advantages of a deburring machine

If you have a company in plasma cutting, laser cutting or even water jet cutting, a burring machine is an essential equipment for your business. Everyone who is working in this kind of finishing industry is familiar with the unwelcome burring issues. And everybody knows; you really can’t have burrs; they cause damage on your machinery, slows down your production processes and will cost you a lot of money. A small investment in a deburring machine will support the continuation of the production process, by having always a smooth surface and an effective piece of machinery. Besides that, a big advantage is the safety you can create for your manual workers. A smooth surface is much safer to work on, so there will be less accidents also. Curious about all the other advantages of the deburring machine? Please contact Q-fin for all your questions.