A recent survey conducted by Epson, the Global Technology Company, has unveiled a striking statistic: 72.1% of Kenyans are willing to invest in electric vehicles as a proactive measure against climate change. The Epson Climate Reality Barometer, encompassing opinions from over 30,000 respondents across 39 global markets, has illuminated the pressing concern of climate change worldwide, with an increasing number of people recognizing it as a paramount global issue. 

The survey spotlighted the devastating impact of severe droughts in Kenya, resulting in the loss of 2.5 million livestock and affecting 10 million people due to insufficient pasture and water. The link between climate change and natural disasters is alarming, with estimated mitigation costs soaring to $580 billion by 2030. 

In Kenya, a resounding 70.7% identify climate change as the most urgent global issue, surpassing concerns about rising prices at 62.1% and poverty at 54.3%. Interestingly, those aged 30 and above express this concern more intensely, with 74.4% acknowledging its gravity compared to the COP Generation at 59.8%. 

Despite these concerns, there remains a sense of optimism among Kenyans regarding averting a climate disaster within their lifetimes (75.2%). This optimism, while slightly decreased from 76% in 2022, remains steadfast at 75.2% in the current year. 

In terms of actionable steps against climate change, 68.8% emphasize the need for companies to invest in environmental technologies, while 57.5% advocate for the improvement of recycling and reuse initiatives. 

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