Designing a new product is an awesome progress. However, it can be a very chaotic time and can be very hard. That’s why you can ask a product design company to help you in the product design and development process. These companies will help you with all the steps, from the idea until the real product. In this article I will define the steps in short.

From concept to prototype

Every idea must be formed into a concept. If you have tested the concept and know that it fits into a market, you can make your first prototype. It is one of the first important milestones within the process. You can create the prototype with a 3D-printer. Product design companies have a lot of experience with this, so they can help you to create the best prototype.


After the prototype is finished, you can test it. You can do different kinds of test to make the product perfect. It’s important to make small improvements where needed. The optimalization is an important part of the development of the idea. This can take a while, but it’s necessary, because you can’t introduce a half product into the market.

Creating the finished product

When tested and improved you can transfer the prototype to a manufacturing company. These are very complex companies and help it’s hard to do this yourself. When you have the help of a product design company the process will go a lot easier. They help you to evaluate all risks and will guide you step by step through the process.