flight gift card

Flight gift card are a brilliant way to show that special someone you really care. Perfect to send someone on a holiday of their dreams, or bring a loved one home for that special event they thought they would miss. Set to use within minutes, the gift card can be selected, confirmed and ready to use in only a few click. The flight card can be used with over 300 airlines, going from budget to full service airlines.

How to use it

First you need choose from three gift options.

These print out gifts are delivered instantly, via a pdf in your email inbox. They can be sent to include a person text or image. A great option for a last minute present, the total packet can be ready in just five minutes.
Delivered in days, these are a good choice for anniversaries and birthdays. The physical option comes with a luxurious gift card. They will be sent to your address, and buyers can choose to include a personal message.
Complete with Evideo or ecard for you to customise your gift, this option can be ready in five minutes and will be delivered straight to the recipient to give them a special surprise.

Once you have chosen your option, and written any person message, the recipient can go ahead and book there flight with any of over 300 airlines.