Want to compare forex and CFD brokers? Than we advise you to do this carefully.  There are a lot of forex and CFD brokers. Some of them offer you a free demo-account, to test the platform before trading in real.

How to compare Forex and CFD brokers?

There are a lot factors you’ll want to consider, before you choose a suitable broker:

  • Ignore the discount: discount isn’t always the answer. Instead of looking to the discount, it’s better to choose a full-service broker
  • The availability: to be sure the brokers website is always available, we recommend you to check the brokers website at different times of the day
  • The price: the price gives you a good indication of the service. Don’t open an account with a broker, because they offer you the lowest cost. Mostly the fees for limit orders will be very high
  • Read reviews: read reviews from other clients and you will find out more about a broker
  • The minimum deposit: check what the minimum deposit is for opening an account. Some brokers offer a free demo-account
  • The support: research the support of the broker. Check how you can contact the helpdesk. Most brokers are reachable 24/5 via telephone, e-mail and their website

Compare Forex and CFD brokers, is a good way to find a reliable broker.

Never open an account and trade with an unregulated broker. Reliable brokers are regulated by the FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) or CySEC (Cyprus).